Environmental Responsibility Program


The Libman Company is committed to environmental sustainability in our operations. We will achieve continuous improvement in our environmental performance by setting goals, measuring progress and communicating results. We have introduced the GreenSteps™ program to guide the company through sustainable development.

To successfully execute the GreenSteps program, we will:

  • Comply with all environmental laws and regulations;
  • Communicate the Libman Environmental Policy to all employees, customers and partners;
  • Make business decisions that align with our commitment to environmental sustainability;
  • Reduce our environmental footprint by conserving natural resources, reducing waste and recycling;
  • Innovate products and processes that enable sustainability;
  • Review and revise the Libman Environmental Policy and procedures to ensure they are relevant as the GreenSteps program continues to expand;

We will prepare for the environmental challenges through decisions across all areas of the company. We invite our employees, customers and partners to enable our progress in environmental sustainability.

Recycling Program

When creating the GreenSteps Program, we started with the basic earth-friendly actions we'd been taking for years: our Recycling Program. Today, our Libman facilities do their part to help save the environment by recycling the following items:
  • Office Paper
  • Aluminum Cans
  • Plastic Bottles
  • Shrink Wrap
  • Plastic Bags
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic Scrap
  • All Metal(s)
  • Wood Pallets
  • Used Oil
  • Used Hydraulic Oil

Green Products

It's more than just the color of our handles that is green. At Libman, we use 95% recycled plastic to make our broom fibers and up to 70% recycled steel to create the mop and broom handles. Our product packaging uses eco-friendly and partially recycled materials and our high quality cleaning products are designed to use very little to no chemicals. Libman mop heads are machine washable and can be reused over 100 times, thus preventing hundreds of disposable cleaning pads from being discarded into landfills.


The GreenSteps program is about more than recycling what we have now. It also involves reducing the impact on the global environment. The Libman Company recently updated all of the lighting in our million-square-foot facility to make it energy efficient. Currently, we are exploring renewable energy source options, such as wind energy, and setting waste reduction targets and developing plans to achieve them. In addition to using ENERGY STAR electronics, we track the efficiency of our manufacturing processes and constantly work towards optimizing them.


We encourage employees to do more for the earth than simply taking part in work-sponsored programs. By providing environmental education and training to our employees we help increase their earth consciousness and urge them to be greener both at work and at home.


We continue to support the Arbor Day Foundation, an organization that is striving towards transforming communities, replenishing our nation's forests, helping children experience nature and educating people everywhere about the beauty, bounty, and benefits of trees. The Libman Company also works with our supplier partners to ensure they understand and meet our guidelines for environmental compliance, sustainability, employment practices and product/ingredient safety.