The Libman Company Offers 7 Cleaning Hacks to Help Prepare the Home for the Holidays

Arcola, Ill. (November 17, 2016) – The Libman Company wants consumers to successfully welcome guests and host parties with flair and ease by keeping their homes in tip-top shape throughout the holiday season. Per its slogan to “Embrace Life’s Messes,” Libman, a 120 year-old American manufacturer of cleaning products, provides some cleaning hacks that’ll save homeowners cleaning time and hassles, and will have them enjoying family time that much sooner:   Chances are family and guests will be coming and going this holiday season. Make cleaning up after house visitors easier by waiting until...

5 Ways to Embrace Autumn’s Messes as a Family

We’re big believers in embracing life’s messes and having fun! With fall in full swing, there are so many ways for your family to enjoy the season, make a mess, and create memories that will last a lifetime. There’s no need to hesitate to make a mess when you know good quality cleaning tools are standing by to make cleanup a breeze! Here are five of our favorite ways to embrace the season and the mess. 1. Have a pumpkin contest. Head to the pumpkin patch and have everyone pick out his or her own pumpkin. When you get home, carve them however you’d like and award prizes for things like “heav...

Six End-of-Summer Outdoor Cleaning and Storage Tips from The Libman Company

Arcola, Ill. (August 29, 2016) – As summer winds down, homeowners will take advantage of the remaining pleasant weather days to clean outdoor areas and tools in order to prepare for the colder months. The Libman Company, a 120 year-old U.S. manufacturer of household and commercial cleaning goods, offers an array of heavy-duty products to optimize tasks to help homeowners seamlessly transition from summer to winter. Making sure that outdoor machines, tools and furniture are properly cleaned and stored for the winter is a priority. Libman recommends tackling these end of summer cleaning proje...

Tips to Reduce the Amount of Germs and Viruses Lurking in Your Kitchen

Believe it or not, one of the dirtiest places in a home is the kitchen. Between the kitchen sink, counters, cutting boards and cabinet handles, germs and viruses are lurking all around. Even the everyday tools you use for cleaning off counters and scrubbing sinks can harbor germs and viruses. We’ve gathered some great tips to help you ensure that your kitchen is clean and safe for you and your family. Use separate utensils - Germs are spread by cross-contamination so it’s best to use separate cutting boards, plates, and utensils for uncooked produce (e.g., vegetables, fruits) and uncooked m...

Cleaning Essentials for Your College Student

You’ve taught them all they know and now it’s time to let them leave the nest – that’s right, your kid is heading off to college! Between studying and meeting new people, keeping their dorm clean will probably be the last thing on your student’s mind. But you can set them up for cleaning success by sending them off with a cleaning basics kit! No college kids to gift a cleaning kit to? This list is still a great guide to basic cleaning essentials for everyone!

Spin to Win a Libman Prize Package in the “Embrace Life’s Messes” Sweepstakes

We’re celebrating our 120th Anniversary in a number of ways this year including with a new online sweepstakes that kicked off on June 26th: The Libman “Embrace Life’s Messes” Sweepstakes involves contestants spinning a wheel in order to win fabulous Libman prize packages. Over the course of the 12-week sweepstakes, we’ll be giving away 120 Libman prize packages worth $120 each, and we’ll end the sweepstakes with a random drawing for a grand prize $1,200 Visa gift card for one lucky winner. To enter the sweepstakes and a chance to spin to win, visit The sweepstak...

4 Tips for a Clean House All Summer Long

The weather is warmer, the days are longer, the grass is greener – yes it’s true, summer is finally here! There’s so much fun to be had during the summer season; long afternoons splashing around in the pool, warm evenings around a campfire, weekend trips to the beach, family picnics, and much more. With a jam-packed list of summer activities to enjoy, who wants to spend more time than they absolutely have to cleaning? Here are four of our favorite ways to stay ahead of messes this summer so you can spend less time cleaning and more time embracing the season. Scrubbing the bathroom isn’t a ...

Tips for Moving Your New Grad into His or Her First Apartment

The National Center for Education Statistics projects that 1,870,000 students at the bachelor's degree level will graduate as the Class of 2016. Many of those graduates will find themselves living on their own for the very first time in their lives. Here are some tips for moving them into their new apartment. Take photos – Before moving in, be sure to take a photo of all the rooms in the apartment and save them until your grad moves out. These photos can help in case the landlord wants to charge for repairs or refuses to give back the deposit. Clean before you start – Before you start unpac...

New House Cleaning Checklist: 5 Areas to Clean Before You Move In

Moving into a new house is an exciting but busy time. The transition from your previous house to your new one can seem overwhelming when you think about all the things that have to get done before you can finally say, “home at last!” Cleaning your new place before you start unpacking everything can help you feel like you’re working with a fresh slate. To keep you organized and on track while you move in, we’ve created this new home cleaning checklist: Walls. If the walls in your new home haven’t been painted recently, giving them a good washing can help brighten and freshen things up. Take ...

Tips to Combat Allergies and Asthma

May is a peak season for asthma and allergy sufferers. That’s why the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America designates every May as National Asthma and Allergy Awareness month. Asthma affects 24 million Americans while more than 50 million Americans have all types of allergies – pollen, mold, trees, pets and more. We’ve collected some terrific tips to help reduce asthma and allergy triggers. Washing sheets once a week in 130-degree hot water to kill dust mites and their eggs, and use bleach when washing to kill mold. Keep all hard and soft surfaces wiped and vacuumed weekly to reduce ho...

Home Exterior Spring Cleaning Tips

Long winters can wreak havoc on a home’s outdoor areas – from the grime and dirt that accumulates onto patio furniture to the mud and debris that litters the driveway and garage. With the relief of another winter endured is the drudgery of getting the yard and house in shape for warmer weather. Here are some great tips for tackling that job:Prepare outdoor furniture for use. If you kept the furniture out during the winter months, you need to wipe the surfaces clean. Use a mixture of warm water and a ½ teaspoon of dish soap and place in a spray bottle. Spray furniture and wipe with a cloth.W...

We’ve got the Right Tools to Tackle Spring Cleaning

While most Americans are happy to say goodbye to winter this year, ushering in spring has its own set of challenges, including facing a myriad of spring cleaning chores. At Libman, we’re up for the task with an array of terrific cleaning products to help you get your home spring-ready.Flexible Microfiber Duster (Product #94) Spray Mop (Product #4002) oz. Freedom Multi-Surface Cleaner (Product #4008) & Squeegee Window Washer (Product #194)

The Libman Company Wins 2nd Annual “Race for Zero Waste” Competition

The Libman Company Wins 2nd Annual “Race for Zero Waste” Competition-National Competition Aimed at Stimulating Commercial Recycling Programs-  Libman has won Green Purpose LLC’s second annual “Race for Zero Waste” competition, achieving first place among three other companies to earn the national title of “Most Successful Recycling Program.”  The “Race for Zero Waste” competition was created in 2013 by Green Purpose LLC, an eco-capitalist enterprise providing personalized sustainable solutions to companies. The competition is a platform to improve commercial recycling including upgraded re...