The Libman Company Wins 2nd Annual “Race for Zero Waste” Competition


The Libman Company Wins 2nd Annual “Race for Zero Waste” Competition
-National Competition Aimed at Stimulating Commercial Recycling Programs-

Libman has won Green Purpose LLC’s second annual “Race for Zero Waste” competition, achieving first place among three other companies to earn the national title of “Most Successful Recycling Program.”  

The “Race for Zero Waste” competition was created in 2013 by Green Purpose LLC, an eco-capitalist enterprise providing personalized sustainable solutions to companies. The competition is a platform to improve commercial recycling including upgraded recycling programs, increased recycling rates, and education for employees and program participants about waste reduction.

Libman received the Zero Waste Seal of Excellence, an honor that recognizes a company’s outstanding efforts to eliminate the concept of waste in our facilities. Additionally, Libman will be inducted into the Race for Zero Waste Hall of Fame.  

The “Race to Zero Waste” program is in line with Libman’s Made in the USA directive. Since we manufacture here and generate our own waste materials, we are committed to ensuring that we are doing our part to minimize our waste footprint in every way we can.
Libman launched its GreenSteps® program in 2009 which signifies our commitment to and passion for sustainable manufacturing.

Winter’s Fury No Match for Libman Products

Wintertime can create a whole new series of messes for us; from snow-covered cars and driveways to salt and grime tracked into entryways and on windshields. Some Libman products do double-duty in winter and can easily help take care of winter messes.

Large Precision Angle Broom With Dustpan (Product #248)

Great for sweeping up rock salt and other debris that winter boots track in foyers or entryways.  Precisely cut to reach under cabinets and tight corners. Guaranteed quality construction. Longer life, environmentally friendly fiber made from recycled PET bottles.  For indoor and outdoor use.

16 oz. Freedom Multi-Surface Cleaner (Product #4008)

After sweeping away salt and debris, clean your floor with our multi-surface cleaner.  The perfectly-measured 1 oz. pre-dosing compartment makes it easy to fill your Freedom® Spray Mop tank with the exact amount of cleaner and water.  Cleans away dirt and grime on tile, vinyl, wood linoleum, laminate, marble, stone and more.  It has a fresh citrus scent.  Saves time and money; fills your Freedom Spray Mop 16 times.

18" Multi-Surface Push Broom (Product #804)

For those in areas where there’s only a light snow, this product is great for clearing driveways and sidewalks. Sweep up debris that’s collected in your garage or driveway with this multi-surface push broom designed for household and commercial applications. The firm and flexible tip fibers are made to clean and protect any surfaces, such as concrete, brick, wood, stone and more. Standard threaded handle with hex nut and locking bolt to prevent twisting.

Vehicle Brush with Flow Thru Handle Brush (Product #560)

We’ve heard from a number of consumers who keep this brush inside their car in the winter so they can easily clean up snow that’s piled on.  The handle extends to 6.5 feet so you can reach those hard-to-get areas without getting yourself covered in snow.  The brush is made of 95% recycled PET plastic bristles. The flexible fibers make the brush versatile so it can be used on various applications.  The dual surface base easily cleans steps, grout or other uneven surfaces.

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