Home Exterior Spring Cleaning Tips


Long winters can wreak havoc on a home’s outdoor areas – from the grime and dirt that accumulates onto patio furniture to the mud and debris that litters the driveway and garage. With the relief of another winter endured is the drudgery of getting the yard and house in shape for warmer weather. Here are some great tips for tackling that job:

Prepare outdoor furniture for use. If you kept the furniture out during the winter months, you need to wipe the surfaces clean. Use a mixture of warm water and a ½ teaspoon of dish soap and place in a spray bottle. Spray furniture and wipe with a cloth.

Wash your windows. Winter can leave a nasty residue all over the glass so take the time to wash them down and clean them. Try a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and water makes for a great natural window cleaner.

Clean outdoor trashcans. Empty any trash and pour a little dish soap in each of the cans. Lay them on their sides, and use a scrub brush or pressure washer to wash them out.

Clean the deck to remove grime, pollen, fungus, and mildew. Scrub the surface with a deck cleanser or this homemade cleaning formula: Add one cup of powdered laundry detergent to a gallon of hot water, and add 1/2 cup of chlorine bleach to kill mold or mildew.

Heavy-Duty Libman Products to Help Get Outdoor Areas Summer-ready
The Libman Company offers a variety of cleaning products, including many from the company’s commercial line that can quickly whip your outdoor spaces into shape, just in time for summer entertaining season:

18" Multi-Surface Push Broom (Product #824)
Sweep up debris that’s collected in your garage or driveway with this multi-surface push broom that’s designed for household and commercial applications. The firm and flexible tip fibers are made to clean and protect any surfaces, such as concrete, brick, wood, stone and more. Standard threaded handle with hex nut and locking bolt to prevent twisting.

Telescopic Window Washer (Product #188)
Clean windows easily and efficiently. Professional strength scrub net over the sponge loosens dirt and film. Flexible rubber blade wipes streak-free. Telescopic handle extends to 8 feet. Hanger tip for convenient storage.

Cotton Deck Mop (Product #977)
Give your deck a thorough cleaning with this traditional cut-end, yarn style deck mop. It’s an economical option for general cleaning and also great for messy clean-ups. Mop head can be replaced by simply unscrewing the old mop head and replacing it with a mop head refill. Works well wringing out by hand or with a wringer bucket attachment such as the 4-gallon Bucket with Wringer.

4-gallon Bucket with Wringer (Product #1056)
This 4-gallon bucket is excellent for cotton wet mops that do not have an attached wringer, such as the Cotton Deck Mop. It includes a convenient wringer that snaps in and out as needed. It is virtually two buckets in one with one side for clean water and another side for dirty water.

12-pack Shop Towels (Product #591)
Wipe down patio furniture, wash the exterior of your car and other items affected by the long winter with these 13" x 17" pre-washed industrial utility towels. The shop towels are made of 100% cotton and are reusable and machine washable.

Heavy Duty Scrub Brush (Product #513)
Clean your car tires or scrub oil stains from your garage floor with this brush made of 80% recycled PET plastic bristles. An optional handle is sold separately to let you clean in low areas so you don’t have to bend. The flexible fibers make the brush versatile so it can be used on various applications.

Long Handle Barbecue Brush with Scraper (Product #528)
Was your grill in hibernation over the winter? No problem. Scrub and scrape off those baked on bits and grease so it’s ready for your next backyard barbecue. Even if you use your grill year-round, this brass grill brush is a great tool to have on hand. The product is 19" long and has an ergonomically-designed grooved handle with a steel scraper and a convenient hanger hook.


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