New House Cleaning Checklist: 5 Areas to Clean Before You Move In


Moving into a new house is an exciting but busy time. The transition from your previous house to your new one can seem overwhelming when you think about all the things that have to get done before you can finally say, “home at last!” Cleaning your new place before you start unpacking everything can help you feel like you’re working with a fresh slate. To keep you organized and on track while you move in, we’ve created this new home cleaning checklist:

Walls. If the walls in your new home haven’t been painted recently, giving them a good washing can help brighten and freshen things up. Take a look around for fingerprints or smudges. A good all-purpose sponge and some warm, soapy water will have those walls gleaming in no time. Use a mop to clean higher-up spots. 

Windows. Let the light shine into your new home with a good window washing session. Take out the screens and hose them off outside, then wash the windows both inside and out. Dry windows with a squeegee for a streak-free finish.

Appliances. Before you stow away groceries or do a load of dishes, take the time to wipe out the refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, and other household appliances. Use a heavy duty scouring pad to make those tough kitchen stains disappear.

Baseboards. Baseboards are dust magnets. Grab a microfiber dusting cloth and dust off the baseboards in each room. Not only will this make the room look and feel cleaner, it’ll also help out any allergy sufferers in the house! 

Floors. The floors are a good place to start. Vacuum the carpet areas thoroughly. Sweep and mop hard surfaces for a good, deep clean. Finish by polishing any hardwood floors with a hardwood polish and protector to keep them looking bright and clean.

Once you’ve checked these cleaning to-dos off your list you’ll be ready to unpack and make yourself at home!


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