4 Tips for a Clean House All Summer Long


The weather is warmer, the days are longer, the grass is greener – yes it’s true, summer is finally here! There’s so much fun to be had during the summer season; long afternoons splashing around in the pool, warm evenings around a campfire, weekend trips to the beach, family picnics, and much more. With a jam-packed list of summer activities to enjoy, who wants to spend more time than they absolutely have to cleaning? Here are four of our favorite ways to stay ahead of messes this summer so you can spend less time cleaning and more time embracing the season.

  1. Scrubbing the bathroom isn’t a glamorous summer activity by any means. Cut down on time spent scouring mold and mildew during the humid months by making good use of sponges and window squeegees in this already damp-prone room. Wipe down countertops with a super absorbent sponge regularly and squeegee the shower door after every use. A little prevention will go a long way!

  2. Running around barefoot in the backyard is one of the many simple joys of summer, but it also means tracking sand, dirt, and grass clippings into the house. Keep a shallow tub of water and a towel outside your door and give bare feet a quick wash before entering the house. Store a small brush and dustpan set by the door, too, for quick cleanup if any sand or dirt manages to find its way into your entryway.

  3. Scraping a grimy grill takes quite a bit of elbow grease; save yourself time and cut down on the amount of work it takes to clean grill messes by scrubbing the grill down immediately after every use. Instead of waiting until there’s a lot of build up, use a brass grill brush while the grill is still warm for a super quick and easy cleanup. It’ll take seconds and you’ll have a clean grill for every cookout!

  4. Picnics are a favorite summer activity, but sticky watermelon and lemonade spills can draw an unwelcome crowd of ants if you’re not careful! Throw a few absorbent microfiber cloths into your picnic basket and blot any messes on your picnic blanket or tablecloth to keep hungry critters away!

These quick tips will help you stay one step ahead of messes all summer long. Now get out there and enjoy the sunshine!