5 Eco-Friendly Ideas for a Cleaner, Greener Home


Earth Day may only be once a year but that doesn’t mean you can’t be eco-friendly every day. For many of us, having a “green” home is equally as important as having a clean home. Luckily, these two things aren’t mutually exclusive! To honor Earth Day, we’ve come up with five ideas for a home that is healthy for your family and the environment!

Ditch the disposables. Disposable floor dusting pads are convenient, but they produce a lot of waste when used frequently. You can get your floors sparkling clean and cut down on waste by using a dust mop with a reusable pad, like the Libman Microfiber Dust Mop. Use the specially designed comb to remove pet hair from the pad and toss it in the washing machine on laundry day.

Green clean the air (literally). Just like the surfaces in your home, indoor air needs cleaning too. Indoor plants make great natural air filters. Some of the most recommended plants for air filtering capabilities are peace lilies, rubber plants, and spider plants (but any broad-leafed green plant will do). For maximum filtration, you’ll need about 15 medium-sized plants for the average sized home.

Buy for longevity. Let’s face it, after a while mops tend to get pretty grungy. For many, once a mop starts looking shabby they toss it and buy a new one – not the most environmentally friendly practice. Instead, try buying a mop that’s meant to last, like the Libman Wonder® Mop. The Wonder® Mop can be machine washed up to 50 times, plus you can purchase a replacement mop head instead of buying an entire new mop! 

Say goodbye to harsh chemicals. Oven cleaners and tile and grout cleaners can be pretty heavy-duty and have some environmental drawbacks. If you’re looking for a greener alternative, try baking soda or white vinegar. A paste made from baking soda is perfect for scrubbing tough messes out of the oven, while white vinegar is a powerhouse cleaner in the bathroom on mold and mildew. 

Move past paper towels. Paper towels are one of the biggest culprits of waste in our homes. Next time you need to mop up water around the kitchen sink or clean up juice from the countertop, reach for a super-absorbent cloth instead, like the Libman Microfiber Sponge Cloth. Like many of our products, these cloths are machine washable so you can use them again and again.