6 Tips for Cleaning Your New Place


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Before you start unpacking boxes, give your new home or apartment a scrub down. Even if the old owners or tenants cleaned before they moved out, it’s never a bad idea to just give everything a wipe down. Because who wants to be living in someone else’s dirt and dust? Here are six top tips for cleaning your new place.

Tip #1
Deep Cleaning
With an empty house, this is a chance to deep clean things without having to maneuver around furniture and décor. Pay extra attention to walls, behind appliances, inside cupboards, along baseboards, vents and fans, radiators, garbage disposal units, the basement, and the attic.

Tip #2
Start with the Bathroom
The bathroom is the room you will use most immediately after moving in (or maybe
even during your cleaning session.) Even if it looks clean, give everything a good
scrubbing. Pay special attention to what the previous owners may have missed, like
behind the toilet or inside the medicine cabinet.

Tip #3
Top to Bottom
Clean your house from top to bottom, literally. Otherwise, may do double the work;
dirtying an already cleaned surface. Use a new Libman Flexible Microfiber Duster to
get those hard to reach places on ceilings and corners.

Tip #4
Clean High Traffic Areas
The most used items in our home are the easiest to overlook. Clean places that are
frequently touched, like door handles, appliances, the toilet seat, light switches, and other buttons. The Libman Microfiber Sponge Cloth works great for small nooks and crannies.

Tip #5
Dry Cleaning First
Complete dry cleaning tasks first, like dusting, vacuuming, and sweeping with the
Libman Precision Angle ® Broom. Because you can’t efficiently wash, mop, or wipe
surfaces with a damp cloth when there is still dust or dirt on them.

Tip #6
Instead of cleaning room-by-room, tackle your new home task-by-task. This method ends up being considerably quicker. (Yay for quicker cleaning!) Think about it … When you have equipped yourself with a sponge and soapy water, it’s much easier to just continue on than set it down and pick something else up.


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