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School Calendar

‘Tis the season for busy kids and even busier schedules. Between class, sports, play dates, homework, and extracurriculars, you’ll be back behind the wheel of Mom’s Taxi Service quicker than you can say, “do your homework.” The trick to mastering packed weekdays is all in the prep work. We’ve put together a crash course in preparing for the most wonderful time of the year – back-to-school season.


Clean Out Their Closets

Before you go back to school shopping, take an afternoon to go through your kids’ clothing. This will help focus your shopping, so you don’t overbuy. Don’t forget to actually clean the closet, too. Our Flexible Microfiber Duster can help you get into all those hard to reach places.


De-Clutter Paper              

It’s great to save homework you’re proud of, but you don’t need every worksheet your kids have ever completed. Are you really going to reference their sixth grade paper on Christopher Columbus? If all else fails, you can just Google it later.


Clean Their Kicks

If your kids’ shoes are scuffed up from summer use, restore their newness with some elbow grease. Use a little bit of dish soap and water, and scrub with the Libman Small Scrub Brush for a gentle clean that’s still tough on dirt.


Refresh Backpacks and Lunch Bags

If you’re reusing last year’s backpacks and lunch bags, they may be looking kind of dingy. Combine a bit of dish soap and water, and scrub the exterior with the Libman Power Scrub Brush. Some backpacks can go through the wash, too, but make sure to remove all straps and extra pieces first


Establish a Routine

For real success, it’s important to establish a getting home from school routine. Most children depend on structure, which helps them feel safe and keeps them knowing what to expect. Set up a routine they can follow every day, and it will make your house less clutter. It may look something like this:

  1. Take shoes off at the door, and put them away.
  2. Unpack homework from backpack, and hang up or store your bag.
  3. Put any used containers, like Tupperware or reusable cups, into the dishwasher.
  4. Do a five-minute chore, like sweeping or wiping off the counter.
  5. Begin homework.

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