Cleaning Essentials for Your College Student


You’ve taught them all they know and now it’s time to let them leave the nest – that’s right, your kid is heading off to college! Between studying and meeting new people, keeping their dorm clean will probably be the last thing on your student’s mind. But you can set them up for cleaning success by sending them off with a cleaning basics kit! No college kids to gift a cleaning kit to? This list is still a great guide to basic cleaning essentials for everyone!

Freedom® Spray Mop

No more buckets, no more dirty water, no more disposable pads, no more special cleaning solutions – the Freedom® Spray Mop is the perfect choice for a busy college student who needs an easy way to keep floors clean.

Microfiber Duster

Laptops and books are dust magnets. Keep their learning tools free from dust with this microfiber duster with a washable, reusable pad.

All-Purpose Sponge

You can’t beat a good quality sponge. From dishes to countertops, every college student needs an all-purpose cleaning tool to keep things spick and span.

Precision Angle® Broom

Late night study snacks equal crumbs. Our Precision Angle® Broom is made for sweeping all kinds of nooks and crannies, including under dorm beds and desks!