Cleaning & Organization Resolutions for the New Year


It’s a fresh new year which means you can start making resolutions to get your home cleaner and more organized throughout the entire year.


Create a cleaning system.  If you don’t have one in place already, create a weekly cleaning system that works for you and your family’s schedule. This will ensure that keeping the house tidy really is achievable.  Divide up cleaning chores and outline expectations among family members so that everyone participates and knows his or her role.


Adopt a “no mess zone” where needed.  Are certain areas of the house constantly messy because family members pile their dirty items on them? Start a new rule that the bathroom floor is a “no mess zone” and encourage the use of a hamper for dirty towels and clothes.  If you have a dishwashing machine, designate the kitchen sink as a “no mess zone” and have the family put all dirty dishes immediately into the dishwasher.


Clear Clutter.  A messy house isn’t necessarily a dirty house, but some guests may perceive your home to be dirty if you’ve got stuff everywhere.  Look throughout your home and remove items that you clearly no longer need or want – you can give them away or throw them away, but if they’re not serving a real purpose in your home or are no longer treasured, you don’t need them.


Get organized.  Once you’ve cleared away the unnecessary clutter, you can organize the stuff you have left and want to have around. There are plenty of ways to keep items organized without spending a lot of money.   For example, invest in some inexpensive baskets in various sizes to contain everything from toys, magazines, keys, remote controls, unopened mail and other everyday items that tend to take over countertops and tabletops.  In addition, Libman’s new sink caddy is a great way to store kitchen brushes, sponges, dish wands and dish soap, thus keeping the counters clear:


Best wishes from our family to yours for a terrific 2017!