Cleaning Products That Are Better Together


Love is in the air and even our cleaning products are pairing up this time of year! Some things are just better together, and to prove it we’ve paired off our favorite Libman products for some delightful duos with serious cleaning power. You’ll be as smitten as we are with these twosomes; after all, two is often better than one! 

Cotton Deck Mop + Clean and Rinse Bucket with Wringer. Say goodbye to using dirty mop water on your floors! Libman’s Cotton Deck Mop will leave your floors sparkling clean while our Clean and Rinse Bucket with Wringer makes sure you only ever use new, clean water for mopping. Plus, the handy wringer attached to the bucket means your mop will only ever have the right amount of water.

Microfiber Wet and Dry Mop + Hardwood Floor Polish and Protector. Get ready for the shiniest floors you’ve ever seen with this power couple. The 360° swivel action of Libman’s Microfiber Wet and Dry Mop ensures even tough-to-reach spots get some love, while the Libman Hardwood Floor Polish and Protector gives serious shine to floors while protecting them from future damage.

Freedom® Floor Duster + Microfiber Duster. Dust and other allergens don’t stand a chance when these two dusters team up. Use the Libman Microfiber Duster for light fixtures, furniture, and more and let the Libman Freedom® Floor Duster take care of any dust that finds its way to the floor.

It takes two to tango and to clean! Your home will be feeling the love when you pair your Libman products together for an even better cleaning experience!