Cleaning Up After the Holidays: 4 Rooms to Deep Clean


The holiday season is far from over and for many of us visitors will continue to come and go through the New Year. But just wait – this season goes by in a flash and soon it’ll be time to sweep up the tinsel and put away the decorations. Hosting guests over the holidays is a blast, but it can leave your house in need of a good deep clean to get things back in order once everyone has gone home. Here are four areas to pay close attention to when cleaning up after your plethora of holiday parties and well-wishers.

1. Dining room. The dining room gets quite a workout hosting Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other holiday dinners. You’ll be surprised how many crumbs are left over on the floor long after the feast is done. Move the dining table and chairs and other furniture out of the room (or at least put the chairs up) to make it easier to clean the floors. Use a broom like Libman’s Precision Angle® Broom to get into the corners to make sure every square inch is swept clean.

2. With the plethora of guests coming and going during the holiday season, it’s no surprise your entryway will need extra attention once the last guest has left. Snow and road salt can take their toll on your entryway floor, so after you’ve mopped up the mess, use Libman’s Hardwood Floor Polish and Protector to restore your floors to their pre-holiday shine.

3. Your kitchen has been the home base for all holiday entertaining, which means it could probably use a good scrub-down after all that use. Holiday cooking and baking means stuck-on messes, so use a Libman Heavy Duty Scouring Pad on oven racks and inside the refrigerator to get rid of the last of the cookie dough and gravy spills.

4. If you’ve had guests over throughout the holiday season, then your bathroom has definitely seen some increased traffic. Both the toilet and the floors can use some cleaning now that things have calmed down, so use Libman’s Designer Bowl Brush & Caddy to get the toilet sparkling clean and the No Knees Floor Scrubber to reach tough areas of the bathroom floor.

    With the holidays over, guests gone, and now a newly clean house, you’ll be ready to kick back and relax into the New Year and beyond!