End of Summer Garage Cleaning Made Easier with Libman


As summer winds down, many of us use the remaining pleasant weather days to tackle overdue outdoor cleaning projects. Cleaning out and organizing the garage is one of those projects of which Libman can offer an array of heavy-duty products to optimize the task. 

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 25% of homeowners polled with two-car garages, fill it with so much stuff that they can’t park even one car inside, and 32% fit one, but not two cars inside. For those in cold winter locales, parking a car outside can be especially inconvenient.

Tackle that garage before winter sets in with these Libman products:

18" Multi-Surface Push Broom (#824)

Sweep up debris that’s collected in your garage or driveway with this multi-surface push broom designed for household and commercial applications. The firm and flexible tip fibers are made to clean and protect surfaces, such as concrete, brick, wood, stone and more. The High Power resin bracket provides extra leverage and durability.

Jumbo Cotton Wet Mop (#121)

Give your garage a thorough cleaning with this traditional cut-end, yarn style mop - an economical option for general cleaning. Works well wringing out by hand or with a wringer bucket attachment such as the 4-gallon Clean & Rinse Bucket with Wringer.

4-Gallon Clean & Rinse Bucket with Wringer (#2112)

This 4-gallon bucket is excellent for cotton wet mops that do not have an attached wringer, such as the Jumbo Cotton Wet Mop. It includes a convenient wringer that snaps in and out as needed. It is virtually two buckets in one with one side for clean water and another side for dirty water.

No-Knees Floor Scrub (#122)

Clean your car tires or scrub oil stains from your garage floor which has a tough scrubber, attached to a quality Libman handle, allowing for floor scrubbing without hurting your knees. Pointed head to reach corners. Head pivots 180 degrees making reaching tough spots easy.

7” Scrub Brush (#510)

Clean off wood or metal shavings from your work bench or wash down dusty and dirty shelves. Fibers are not flagged to withstand heavier debris and varied surfaces. It has a built-in scraper for tough cleaning and stuck on debris. Hanger hole for easy storage. Shaped and grooved for easy gripping. 

Wonderfiber Cloths (#2004)

Wipe down garage shelves or clean up grease and grime this reusable and machine washable cloth. It’s the same great microfiber fabric you expect from the very popular Wonder® Mop in a reusable cloth.