Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays



This time of year there is always so much to do. From shopping for and wrapping gifts, baking cookies and hosting exchanges, to holiday banquets and get-togethers, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. Add having a kiddo or two running around during winter break, your home can quickly suffer the consequences. We have been there, trust us, which is why we have several tips to help you keep calm and not get flustered this holiday season.

Divide and Conquer

Cleaning in anticipation of guests can really stress you out, but it doesn’t need to. Having help from other family members can help make cleaning less of a chore. You can create a chore list and assign a different member of the family either a task or room to clean. This way, the cleaning gets done faster and no-one has to do it all themselves. You can even reward those who do the best job by letting them open the first present!


Gotta Sweep, Sweep, Sweep!

All sorts of things get brought into your home stuck to your shoes and boots. Sidewalk salt is one of the biggest culprits this time of year as snow and ice may pile up on your driveway or sidewalk and find its way onto your floors. The Libman Spiral Sweep Broom gathers dirt and debris into its easy-to-empty bin, eliminating it from your floors. For those who prefer traditional brooms and dustpans, salt, dust, dirt, and hair won’t stand a chance against the Precision Angle Broom & Dustpan combos


Snow isn’t the only dusting this season

While a light dusting of snow can be beautiful to watch, a layer of dust in your home can be embarrassing. The Libman Microfiber Duster is covered with premium microfiber fingers to pick up and trap dust and allergens. We love using them all over the house, especially since the microfiber fingers not only capture dust but also pet hair, which seems to fall everywhere.  Best of all, when you’re done cleaning you can just toss the cleaning pad into your washer to make them good as new.

Keep Your Cleaning Supplies Organized

Let’s be honest here, we aren’t always as efficient when cleaning as we should be. You may remember to take the Libman Glass Cleaner when you go to clean the bathroom, but forget to grab the squeegee or cleaning cloths. Keep your cleaning supplies organized with the Libman Maid Caddy, featuring special compartments for cleaners and cleaning tools, and a dedicated compartment just for your toilet brush. It even has a convenient handle, making it easy to take from one room to another.

Make Their Hearts RACE

Sometimes it can be hard getting gifts for your loved ones, but if they are racing fans, we may have just the thing to help you win the holidays. The Libman Company has been proud of our association with both Paul Menard and Ryan Blaney, and we offer officially licensed Paul Menard Hats, Ryan Blaney Hats, Ryan Blaney shirts, and money saving Ryan Blaney hat and shirt combos. 

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

From everyone here with the Libman Family to you and yours, may you have the Happiest of Holidays, and a blessed new year.