How to Prepare for Spring Cleaning


Whether you look forward to your deep clean come springtime or you dread the scrubbing, some simple things can be done to make the process painless, no matter how much motivation you may need.


1. Schedule time

Many of us are always on the go. Our schedules are full and our to-do list continues to grow. It’s no surprise that spring cleaning often gets pushed back when other things pop up in our lives. But it’s something that shouldn’t be so quickly moved in our schedules. Spring cleaning is a time to reset and refresh our homes for the warmer weather.

Make an appointment with yourself to clean. It can be in hourly intervals or for an entire day, but be sure to block out time dedicated to cleaning. Keep this time like you would an appointment for the doctor or dentist.


2. Make a List

Write down all of the things you’d like to accomplish during your spring cleaning. If you feel overwhelmed listing them all at once, you can keep the list on the refrigerator and add to it whenever you come across an area you’d like to clean. This can be as large or as small of a list as you’d like.


3. Stock Up on Supplies

Using your list as a reference, make sure you have all the tools needed to accomplish your list. Stocking up on supplies ahead of time will allow you to keep the cleaning momentum during your cleaning time. No need for quick trips to the store!

Here are some of our spring cleaning must haves:  

Wonder® Mop – Each Wonder® Mop has microfiber GRIPSTRIPS™ that lift up to 20% more dirt leaving your floors cleaner and can be machine washed up to 50 times. 

Tile & Grout Brush – This brush has an extra narrow head designed specifically to get into grout and other tight spaces. It features firm and flexible bristles for high power cleaning that toothbrushes can’t compare to.

Microfiber Duster – Premium microfiber fingers pick up dust and the allergens in them. Cleaning pads are machine washable and reusable.


4. Declutter Before Cleaning

Spend some time in the days or weeks leading up to your spring cleaning to declutter. It’s hard to clean when there is stuff in your way. Set daily goals to declutter one drawer, shelf or room in the days leading up to your cleaning time. This will help to keep the task of spring-cleaning from becoming overwhelming and frustrating. 


 5. Follow Through

When your self-scheduled cleaning appointment arrives, spend that time cleaning. Once clean, you’ll feel better and realize all your prep made it the easiest spring cleaning yet.