April has been designated National Pet Month, a celebration of the mutual benefits that pets bring to people's lives. As much as we love our furry family members, we know that they can also create a lot of messes in our home. Libman has an array of products that are especially great for pet owners.


Libman Dustpan and Brush Set (Model #95)

Great to keep around food bowls to clean up any kibble that’s escaped the bowl.   Contains teeth on the dust pan to allow for hands-free brush cleaning- simply run the brush over the teeth and remove all of the debris stuck in the fibers of the brush. It features an ergonomic grip with a hanger hole for easy storage.


Libman Lint Brush (Model #78)

If you’ve got a shedder, this brush is ideal. It picks up pet hair, lint and more. It’s safe and effective for personal use, upholstery, draperies and more. Just rinse and reuse.


Libman Lint Roller (Model #76)

Disposable sticky sheets pick up pet hair and lint dust. It’s easy to use – just roll over the spot you want to clean and discard the sheet after each use. The ergonomic rubber grip handle is comfortable and the hanger hole makes for easy storage.


Large Precision Angle® Broom With Dustpan (Product #212)

Great for sweeping up pet fur and any dirt and debris pets track in foyers or entryways. Precisely cut to reach under cabinets and tight corners. Guaranteed quality construction. Longer life, environmentally friendly fibers made from recycled PET bottles. For indoor and outdoor use.


Libman Wonder® Mop (Model #2000)

This tried and true mop is great for cleaning up pet messes or pet hair. To use, just wring out water by sliding and twisting the sleeve over the mop head – the more you twist, the more water wrings out. The Wonder® Mop is fast-drying and long lasting and has a no-slip hand grip. The extra absorbent mop head is machine washable.