With school out for summer, many kids are home full time. This may mean more messes to clean up, but it’s also an opportunity to let kids pitch in with some of the cleaning chores. Here are some chores for kids of all ages to help keep the house clean all summer long.

Put away toys after each use – This is an easy task to help keep clutter at bay. It’s also a great way to give little ones their first dose of responsibility. Designate a special box or bin where toys go when they are not being used. You’ll be thankful to avoid stepping on a LEGO® while barefoot!

Wipe down kitchen table and counters – after meals and snack time, younger kids can be in charge of keeping kitchen surfaces clean. Libman has a variety of sponges that are perfect for the task. The Libman Antibacterial Sponge contains antibacterial and antimicrobial to fight odor causing bacteria and mold build up.

Pick up dirty clothes in bedrooms – There’s no need to dodge clothes landmines in kids’ rooms. Create a no-floor rule for dirty clothes by providing kids – young ones and teens alike - with their own hamper, or have them bring clothes to a household hamper or straight to the laundry room.

Dusting – another great task for kids (as long as valuable knick-knacks are off limits). Have kids use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe low furniture, book cases and coffee tables. Libman also makes a variety of dusters to make the process even easier.

Sweeping – If you don’t’ have a dog to eat up all the crumbs that immediately drop from the kitchen table, you need to sweep up regularly. Assign weekly sweeping duties to kids ages seven and up. Libman’s new Step on Dustpan makes collecting the debris easier than ever.