The 30-Minute Clean Sweep


Clean living room

Ever have that sinking feeling you forgot something? Like a guest is coming over soon, and your house is a wreck? Or maybe it’s Saturday afternoon, and you just don’t feel like spending more than a TV show’s time cleaning up.

Well, fear not. We’ve got a recipe for a quick way to clean your house in just 30 minutes. After all, the best motivation for cleaning is a deadline.

Tools you’ll need:

  • Timer
  • Garbage bag
  • Laundry basket
  • Libman Precision Angle® Broom
  • Libman Microfiber Scrubbing Cloth
  • Libman Big Feather Duster
  • Libman Everyday Dusting Cloth

 Prioritize and Plan

Which rooms do you want to focus most of your energy on? Probably the rooms that are the most likely to be seen, like the bathroom, kitchen, living room, and dining room. You’ll want whatever four or five rooms you choose to be your main focus.

For the best results, time each step.

 Declutter – 7 minutes

Go through each of your prioritized rooms with an empty laundry basket and a trash bag. Collect items in the laundry basket, like toys or shoes that don’t belong. Set the laundry basket aside to return everything to its rightful spot later. (Or hide it in the closet if you’re expecting guests. No shame!) Use the garbage bag to grab any trash, like takeout containers or loose papers.

We suggest rather than going by room, moving through your space task-by-task, one cleaning tool at a time.


Dust – 5 minutes

Give bookcases, light fixtures, houseplants, artwork, and corners a quick once over with the Libman Big Feather Duster. Make sure to shake out the feather duster often.


Wipe – 5 minutes

Wipe down all surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom with the Microfiber Sponge Cloth. Use a multi-purpose cleaning spray, and get the cloth wet if needed. Don’t worry about the toilet or the bathtub. Remember, this is a quick clean, not a deep clean.


Mirrors – 3 minutes

Wipe down any mirrors or prominent windows with some window spray and the Libman Everyday Dusting Cloth. Clean mirrors can really make the place sparkle.


Sweep – 4 minutes

Sweep all wood floors, concrete, tile, and linoleum. Spray your Libman Precision Angle® Broom with a little bit of multi-purpose cleaning spray to help remove stubborn pet hair from the corners. Instead of wasting precious time sweeping your piles into a dustpan, leave your piles and vacuum them up in the next step.

Vacuum – 3 minutes

Vacuum any high-traffic areas, like living room rugs and carpet. And don’t forget your swept piles.


Details – 3 minutes

You’re almost there! Now, just add the final touches, like arranging the blankets on the couch and fluffing the throw pillows, to really make your home look put together. Hang a fresh set of fluffy towels in the bathroom. Straighten piles of mail or stuff them in a drawer.

 And, voilà! Just like that, your 30 minutes are up, and you’re ready to welcome guests into your home! Or sit back down on the couch.


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