Time to Fall Into a Clean Home


As the colors start to change, the air becomes a bit crisper, football invades your homes on the weekend, you and your friends and family find yourself spending more time indoors. Here are 5-tips to help as you transition from being mostly outdoors to spending more time indoors.

1 – Unconventional Uses For Conventional Cleaning Tools

Use The Precision Angle Broom, with its long handle, is great for reaching cobwebs in the corners of your ceilings and walls. Freedom Mop can be used to spray and wipe down walls, fill tank with your choice of cleaner to help you remove smudges and marks.  

2 – Clean Your Vents & Air Returns

When was the last time you cleaned and dusted out your vents and cold air returns? The Libman Vent Brush has been designed specifically to help you get your vents and ducts clean.  You can also try the Flexible Microfiber Duster and Microfiber Wand, as their microfiber fingers get between the ducts and grates on your vents and returns, trapping dust and dirt. Best of all, they all have longer handles which means you can leave the ladder in the garage.

3 – Inspect and Replace Old Cleaning Tools

You may not know it, but your cleaning supplies have a shelf life. Experts agree that you should change out your sponges every 2-4 weeks to prevent the spread of bacteria, but that also applies to mop heads too! The mop heads from the Tornado Mop, Freedom Mop, and Wonder Mop can all be thrown in your washing machine to rejuvenate them. Replacing sponges or washing mop heads can help eliminate unpleasant odors from your home.

4 – Brush Up In the Bathroom

You should also consider changing your toilet brushes and plungers regularly. Libman Designer Bowl Brushes look great in any bathroom, and if you need to replace both your brush and plunger the Toilet Brush & Plunger combo saves space, won’t tip over, is ventilated for fast drying, all while maintaining overall bathroom cleanliness.

5 – Tackle Small Messes Before They Become BIG Messes

Organizational experts agree you should get in the habit of touching something once and putting it away. One suggestion for younger kids, write your child’s name on a Libman All-Purpose Bucket. This makes it easier for small hands to carry toys, blankets, animals, and snuggies back and forth between their bedroom and common areas.

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