The Libman Company Commits $140,000 to the Arcola School District for Program Improvements and Scholarships


Arcola, Ill. (July 24, 2017) – The Libman Company (Libman), a leading U.S. manufacturer of household and commercial cleaning products located in Arcola, Ill., announced today that it will gift $140,000 over the next two years to benefit the Arcola School District located in Douglas County, Ill. The company, which has been headquartered in Arcola since 1957, has allocated its donation among several new school initiatives and scholarships.


“We are blown away by the generosity of Libman to invest in the community of Arcola by providing much needed resources to improve school programs, which directly impact the children in the community of Arcola and also the children of many Libman employees,” said Tom Mulligan, superintendent of the Arcola School District.


“Libman’s financial commitment to the district will significantly assist the Arcola School District in providing a world class education to our students. This is just another example of on-going support the Arcola School District and the community of Arcola has received from Libman,” added Mulligan.


“Libman is committed to investing in the children of Arcola as well as their educators,” said Andrew Libman, the company’s president. “We want to ensure that our children are afforded opportunities that will equip and enable them to seek out and live the American Dream, as my great-grandfather did when he founded Libman in 1896,” said Libman.


A part of the Libman donation will be applied toward the Douglas County CEO Program, which teaches students about starting and running their own businesses and uncovering business opportunities right in Douglas County. This program actually impacts students from the school district in Arcola, Tuscola, ALAH and Villa Grove. The donation will also fund the industrial



arts/agriculture renovation initiative due to be implemented in the 2018-2019 school year. It entails the renovation to the shop area with up-to-date equipment as well as a joint effort between school district educators and Libman professionals to enhance current and develop new curriculums that will be taught in high school courses to help prepare Arcola students for employment with Libman and other companies in the field of manufacturing.


Additionally, Libman funding will support renovating the current media center to become more of an overarching learning center that supports teachers and students with assignments and projects by offering guidance in apps and new technology. The new learning center will feature media tables with monitors for collaborating, areas for green screen, stop motion animation white board usage and sound recordings. The center will also serve as a haven

where students can go for quiet time, to charge devices as well as to engage in some makerspace activities that support STEAM and allow students to create and invent through trial and error.


In addition to supporting the above-mentioned programs, two scholarships will be established from the donation. These include the Libman Scholarship Fund which will provide two $2,000 scholarships annually for a five-year period and a Dual Credit Scholarship Fund to support students taking college credit courses while in high school.


“Regardless of the career field chosen by graduating seniors, the research indicates that continuing education beyond high school is directly linked to more successful careers and long-term earning potential,” said Mulligan.


The Libman Company is a family-owned company that has been making quality cleaning tools since 1896. The company manufactures products from brooms and mops to more specialized tools for kitchen and bathroom cleaning and industrial uses. Libman proudly manufactures most of its products in the United States, including the company’s well-known Wonder® Mop. For more information about The Libman Company, please visit



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