Product #47

No slip, ergonomic rubber handle grip. Scraper edge to remove stuck-on food. Convenient hole for hanging and drying.

Cleaning Tips

Name: Ken D.
Title: Clean the whitewalls of my car tires.
Cleaning Tip: I use my Libman Brass Pot Brush (#47) to clean the whitewalls on my car tires. This is the best brush I have ever used for this purpose. It works fast and easy, and the shape of the handle is a great knuckle saver!
Name: EXPERT TIP #64
Title: Clean car tires!
Cleaning Tip: A Libman brass brush cleans car tires just as well as pots! The contour of the handle will save your knuckles and clean quicker than a sponge.
Name: EXPERT TIP #55
Title: Run it through the dishwasher.
Cleaning Tip: Clean Libman’s brass and nylon brushes by running them through the normal dishwashing cycle.