microfiber towel, glass cloth, window cleaning cloth
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Product #323

Ribbed to wipe away the finest particles and is super-absorbent to leave a streak-free and lint-free shine.

Cleaning Tips

Name: Shellie M.
Title: Works great for baseboards too!
Cleaning Tip: I use a Microfiber cloth to dust all bathroom surfaces before using a cleaning solution. This simple step makes clean up so much easier! All of surface dust and dirt are removed, so I can focus on sanitizing and removing the set in grime. Works great for baseboards too!
Name: EXPERT TIP #69
Title: Remove water spots.
Cleaning Tip: To remove water spots from a stainless steel sink, rub with the Libman cloth dipped in rubbing alcohol.
Name: EXPERT TIP #73
Title: Cleaning the dishwasher.
Cleaning Tip: To clean smudges and fingerprints off the outside of the dishwasher, use a damp Libman cloth dipped in baking soda.


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