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Product #1145

The innovative shape of the Libman® fleXclean™ will give you the flexibility to clean any surface, anywhere by simply changing the pad.  Plus, its flexible “fingers” will get into virtually any tight corner.  Now with Libman® fleXclean™ you can clean the whole house with one amazing little tool.

  • Scrubber Pad scrubs stubborn stains on tubs, showers, tile and floors.
  • Microfiber Pad washable and reusable for deep cleaning.
  • Multi-Use Pad disposable for all-purpose cleaning, wet or dry; glass & mirrors, dusting, floors, and spills.
#1141 fleXclean™ device (mop, 1 blue scrubbing pad, 1 microfiber pad, 1 disposable pad)
One refill pack of the #1143 blue scrubbing pad (3 pads)
One refill pack of the #1144 washable microfiber pad (1 pads)
One refill pack of the #1142 multi-use disposable pad (3 pads)