Product #1070

Window washers and window cleaning services use them and you can too.  Our high quality rubber squeegee leaves a streak-free shine on glass and windows. Ergonomic rubber grip won't slip when wet. Hanger hole for convenient storage. Extra durable construction won't bend in use.

Cleaning Tips

Name: Beth W.
Title: Removing shower fog on the mirror is a snap.
Cleaning Tip: We keep a small inexpensive squeegee, like the Libman Window Squeegee (#70), by the bathroom sink to clear the mirror of shower fog before using the mirror to finish grooming. It’s a snap to clear just a handy swath or the entire mirror if needed. It’s much faster than using a hair dryer.
Name: Gary N.
Title: Clean away light snow.
Cleaning Tip: You can use a floor squeegee to clear away light snow. It’s fast and leaves a dryer surface than a shovel.
Name: Patsy B.
Title: Skip the paper towels.
Cleaning Tip: I use my squeegee to clean my mirrors instead of paper towels. It cuts down on streaks and time!
Name: EXPERT TIP #52
Title: Perfectly clean glass shower doors.
Cleaning Tip: Cut soap film and add shine to glass shower doors by wiping them with a Libman sponge that has been dipped in white vinegar. Finish off with a Libman squeegee.


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