Product #2000

After cleaning with the Wonder® Mop, you may wonder how you have cleaned without it! Each Wonder Mop head is constructed out of our exclusive GRIPSTRIPS™, designed to lift up to 20% more dirt from your floors, leaving them even cleaner. Each Wonder Mop has a built-in power wringer, designed to squeeze out and remove even more water from the microfiber mop head. This allows your floors to dry faster so you can be back on them sooner. The mop head is also eco-friendly, thanks to being machine washable up to 50-times. Simply remove the head, wash, and reinstall it to keep cleaning. The Wonder Mop not only works great on all surfaces but also helps keep disposable cleaning pads out of landfills.

Key Features

  • Family Made Since 1896
  • Microfiber GRIPSTRIPS lift stubborn dirt
  • Power wringer easily squeezes out water
  • Antibacterial material
  • Great for vinyl, linoleum, wood, laminate, marble, stone and ceramic tile
  • Machine washable mop head
  • Extra strong steel handle
  • Approximately 62” overall length
  • 1-year warranty
  • Refills available, Product #2001

*based on IRI 52 Week MULO data ending 7/11/2021

Cleaning Tips

Name: Maureen S.
Title: Cleaning my baseboards.
Cleaning Tip: I use the Libman Wonder Mop to clean my baseboards. Dip it in a solution of water and household vinegar (white), wring it out and swish it over baseboards. No bending over! Great on the back!
Name: Lana K.
Title: No stretching or scratching and the shower get clean.
Cleaning Tip: I use my Libman Wonder Mop (#2000) to clean the shower. No stretching or scratching and the shower gets really clean. Just dip the mop in your cleaning solution and mop the shower and tub, then rinse. Easy!
Name: Theresa E.
Title: Ceilings, mold and mildew.
Cleaning Tip: Use your Wonder Mop to clean ceilings. I use mine regularly to clean mold and mildew from my bathroom ceiling. It is easy with the long handle. It is light weight, and wringing is a snap. No more messy hands or dry skin from bleach water.
Name: Betty N.
Title: Works for the pool too!
Cleaning Tip: I use my Libman Wonder® Mop for my floors and when it finally is ready to think about a discard, I do not discard. I take it to my 24" above ground pool and use it to mop the sides and floor of the pool. Then when I am, again thinking of discarding, I use it to stain on my back deck. It does it so efficiently and without killing my 74 year old back.
Name: Debbie M.
Title: Cleaning our inground pool.
Cleaning Tip: We use our Libman Wonder Mop to clean our inground swimming pool. We mix liner cleaner with one gallon of warm water and use the Wonder Mop to clean the sides of the liner. It is especially good at cleaning those skimmers that collect chemical residue and bugs. We never have to put our hands in that stuff. Thanks for our miracle!


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