Product #2004

Same great microfiber fabric you expect from the Wonder Mop in a reusable cloth. Excellent for kitchens, bathrooms, autos, counters, walls, floors, and more. 2 pack.

Cleaning Tips

Name: Kristi F.
Title: Perfect for washing screens.
Cleaning Tip: There's nothing more refreshing than letting that spring/summer breeze into the house to freshen the air. Since screen doors quickly accumulate dust and tiny debris I use my Libman whisk broom weekly to remove the dust and debris then wash the screens using a mixture of 1/2 cup lemon juice with 4 cups warm water. Libman's Wonderfiber cloths are also perfect for the job, they are gentle on the screens and are perfect for washing the screens as well as drying them.
Name: Sue Ann M.
Title: Skip the paper towel.
Cleaning Tip: Instead of buying paper towels to clean your mirrors, windows, counter tops and general household cleaning including spills and dusting use the wonderfiber cloth and see that you spend less money on paper products and you are also saving the environment. You can re-use your wonderfiber cloth several times and throw it in the wash machine or just ring it out. You can’t do that with paper towels.
Name: Connie S.
Title: For the inside of your car too.
Cleaning Tip: I was amazed at what a wonderful job the Wonderfiber™ cloth did. I not only used it to clean countertops, but also the shower and tub. It cleaned so well that I got another one to clean the inside of my car, as well as using it to wash my car. I was surprised how sturdy the cloth really was and that it held up to all this cleaning. I threw it in the washer, and I have already used it again. I now have one for the inside and one for outside use. It also saves on using paper towels!!!