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Precisely cut to reach under cabinets and tight corners. Guaranteed quality construction. Longer life, environmentally friendly fiber made from recycled PET bottles. Indoor and outdoor use.

Cleaning Tips

Name: Carole S.
Title: The less you bend, the more time you have to clean.
Cleaning Tip: I own a housekeeping company and the less you bend, the more time you have to clean. To quick clean your sliding door tracks use your Libman Large Angle Broom to sweep out dust and then your Libman Wonder Mop to wash track. Also works on your front door riser. The Libman Wonder Mop is the only mop I will use, I throw it in the washer and dryer after each use, to kill all germs before reusing.
Name: Gregory W.
Title: Don't throw it away!
Cleaning Tip: When a broom gets a broken handle, or when the bristles get too worn to use in the house, don’t throw it out. Cutting the handle to about 2’ long will allow you to get into places normal brooms don’t go. Great to clean out the mini-van or SUV, or even cleaning closets and shelves out where the long handle won’t fit.
Name: Denise C.
Title: Sweeping hardwood floors
Cleaning Tip: When sweeping hardwood floors, make sure to start off with a clean broom. Using a dirty broom can not only spread germs but also scratch your precious wood floors.
Name: Polly
Title: Spray broom with window cleaner
Cleaning Tip: Before sweeping, I spray my broom with window cleaner to keep pet hair and dust from drifting away from the pile. I also spray a little on my dust pan to help the dirt stay put.


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