Dustpan and Brush Set

Product #95

Excellent for quick clean ups in the kitchen, bathroom, car, and more. Contains comb on dustpan to allow for hands-free brush cleaning - simply run the brush over the comb and remove all of the debris stuck in the fibers of the brush. Ergonomic grip with hanger hole.

Key Features

  • 9.5” dustpan together with #231.
  • 2.5” x 7” oval head for getting into corners.
  • 96 tufts of soft, durable 2” polymer fibers.
  • Ergonomic rubber grip handle. 
  • Hanger hole for easy storage.
  • Brush snaps into dustpan.
  • Teeth on dustpan allow hands-free brush cleaning.
  • Excellent for quick pick ups.
  • 1.75” deep well.
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