Clean Your Home for Fall

September 17, 2021
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As the calendar turns and summer transitions to fall, we find ourselves changing our routines. This can be a family get together to cheer on your favorite football team, an evening of good company and conversation around an outdoor fire pit, or getting ready for homecoming pictures by the fireplace. Whatever the reason, having your home neat and clean will make it feel more warm and welcoming. We have a number of tools that can help make your job easier and clean more completely as the air outside gets more crisp.


Libman Spin MopSpin Your Floors Clean

What can we say, we love using the Libman Spin Mop & Bucket to get our floors clean! We use it on our wood, tile, and laminate floors to get them clean and leave them looking great. The 360° spinning mop head and wringer makes it easier to apply just the right amount of water to your floors. Push the handle down once to apply more water with a damper mop head, or push it down multiple times for a drier mop to absorb more water and leave your floors dry. The machine-washable head not only cleans your floors, but also works great along your baseboards, for a 1-2 cleaning punch.





Libman Freedom MopClean Your Walls

While floors and shelves are common areas where you dust and clean, your walls and baseboards also collect dust on the regular. Cleaning your walls can seem daunting and time consuming, but we have a way to cut down on your cleaning time and clean more thoroughly at the same time. The Freedom Mop works great, not just on floors, but also to wipe down your walls! You can use your favorite cleaner in the tank to apply it without leaving streaks down your walls. The thick cleaning pad powers through dirt and dust while leaving your walls clean and dry.





Libman Swivel DusterWipe Out Webs

Decorative spider webs and cobwebs can make your house feel spookier for Halloween, but real ones can make your house feel dirty and uninviting. Clean the corners and hard to reach areas with our Swivel Duster. The 8” wide head is attached to a 6’ long extendible handle, and it pivots 180° to reach hard to reach corners. You can also use this to clean out recessed lighting and can lights, leaving them cleaner without needing to break out a ladder.







Libman Corn BroomTraditionally Powerful Cleaning


When you need to sweep up indoors or out, the Libman Traditional Corn Broom is a classic way to sweep up and does so with 100% natural broom corn. By utilizing pure broom corn and no filler grasses, it resists rotting and won’t fall apart if exposed to moisture. The large broom head maintains its shape for a long life. Its strong handle is also a key to any tough outdoor sweeping needs. When you need to sweep up in your kitchen, your front porch, a patio, or anywhere really, the Libman Traditional Corn Broom gets the job done.





Libman sponges HackClean Window & Patio Door Tracks

One of the great things about warmer weather is the option to open up windows and sliding patio doors to let in fresh air and air out your home. However, dirt and gunk can collect in the tracks and sills, making it harder to open and close doors and making your open windows look nasty. Use Libman All-Purpose Sponges to get down and into these areas and power through that crud that collects there. You can use Libman All-Purpose spray cleaner to help you clean even better.