Product #88

Economical option for general floor cleaning. Works well wringing out by hand or with a wringer bucket attachment. Great for messy clean ups.  Mop head can be replaced by simply unscrewing the old mop head and replacing it with a mop head refill. 

Cleaning Tips

Name: EXPERT TIP #89
Title: Clean the wading pools and let the fun begin!
Cleaning Tip: Clean out wading pools and play equipment with a Libman mop and a solution of 1/4 cup hand dishwashing soap and 1 gallon water. Rinse off, and let the fun begin!
Name: Dot S.
Title: Clean under the roof rack of my car.
Cleaning Tip: I have a small station wagon with a rack on the roof and I use my Libman mop to clean under my roof rack and all the other parts of my car roof as it is soft enough and never scratches my paint. It makes cleaning the top of my car so much easier... Thanks Libman!
Name: EXPERT TIP #88
Title: Bring a mop to the car wash.
Cleaning Tip: Bring along a Libman mop to the car wash. Use it to wipe down the bumpers and tires of your car after the wash cycle, then just rinse away the bugs and dirt!
Name: Cheryl S.
Title: Removing wallpaper.
Cleaning Tip: For easier wallpaper removal, mix 1 part liquid fabric softener and 4 parts water. Dip your Libman mop in the solution, then wash and wet the wallpaper to be removed (you need to soak the wall). You will be able to easily remove all old wallpaper. The mop holds just the right amount of liquid to easily wet the walls. Great for washing walls too.
Name: Mary E.
Title: Clean wallpapered walls.
Cleaning Tip: Use a fresh dry mop sprayed with lysol and sprinkled with baking soda to clean wallpapered walls. It works like a charm!


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