Prepare Your Home For Back-To-School

September 04, 2020

Whether you and your family are working and schooling from home or going to the office or school to attend classes, having work areas in your house clean and uncluttered will help you focus and be more productive. We are going to highlight several Libman Cleaning products that will help you clean and organize your study or work areas

Freedom Mop

Your floors are seeing more foot traffic than ever, and dirt and germs can be quickly spread around your home. Remove over 99% of staphylococcus aureus and E. coli on ceramic tile when used with water with the Freedom Spray Mop. The Freedom Mop cleans wood floors, laminate, tile, marble, linoleum, stone, and other surfaces better, all while being more environmentally friendly.



Utility Bucket

The versatile Libman Utility Bucket is not only great for helping clean up around the house, but your kids can also tote their supplies from one room to another easily. Its ergonomic handle makes it easy to hold and transport toys, books, tablets, crayons, pencils, and other school supplies. 




Designer Bowl Brush & Caddy

With more home schooling & office in homes currently, your bathrooms are likely seeing more use. That can lead to more dirt and grime on the outside and inside of your toilets. The Libman Designer Bowl Brush & Caddy looks great in any bathroom while the caddies will not tip over and facilitate fast drying.




Wonder Cloths

One place that sees many touches though out the day is your light switches. Think about it, when you enter and exit a room, you often turn lights and fans on or off. Clean off and disinfect these areas with Libman All-Surface Cleaner and wipe them down with Libman Wonder Cloths or All-Purpose Sponges. This will help clean and disinfect these areas you come in contact with most often. 



Brush & Dust Pan

Clean off crumbs, bits of food, and other debris from keyboards, desks, and kitchen tables with the Libman Dust Pan & Brush set. The brush bristles reach into cracks and crevasses, between keyboard keys, and traps dirt and crumbs. The included dust pan also features an integrated comb to remove all of that trapped debris from the fibers of the brush. Both the dust pan and brush feature ergonomic grips and hanger holes for convenient storage.