Celebrate Independence From A Dirty Home!

July 01, 2020

We have all become more familiar with virtual learning and virtual meetings in recent months, and now with summer here we have another virtual to add to the list. We want to help you have virtually the cleanest house on the block, inside and out. There are a number of powerful Libman cleaning supplies you can use to clean your home and make it warmer and more welcoming. This Independence Day, we want you to celebrate your independence from a dirty home.

Freedom Floor Duster & Freedom Spray Mop

Dust and clean your floors with the Freedom Floor Duster and Freedom Spray Mop. The Freedom Floor Duster’s microfiber fingers work to lift dust, lint, and pet hair in between more thorough cleanings. A specially designed comb quickly and easily removes debris from the mop head. For deeper cleaning, you can skip the mop and bucket with the Freedom Spray Mop. The Freedom Mop cleans wood floors, laminate, tile, marble, linoleum, stone, and other surfaces better. And the Freedom Spray Mop is more environmentally friendly than other similar mops, being free of expensive batteries, cleaning solutions, or disposable pads. Best of all, the Freedom Spray Mop removes over 99% of staphylococcus aureus and E. coli on ceramic tile when used with water*


Clean Your Walls

Floors, tables, and counters are common areas you likely clean often, but when was the last time you wiped your walls down? Walls, outlet covers, and switch covers are germ magnets and you should clean them frequently. Libman Microfiber Dust Mops are great to wipe down and dust off walls and remove cobwebs, and when combined with the Libman All-Purpose Cleaner, your walls will be extra clean. Libman Wonderfiber Cloths are great for you to wipe down your switch covers and outlet covers and, since they’re made from the same GRIPSTRIP material as you’ll find in the Wonder Mop head, you can wash them in your washing machine to rejuvenate them. 

Sweep Your Porches & Patio

While we’ve been spending more time indoors in recent months, our outdoor common areas may be in need of some cleaning. The Precision Angle Broom can easily clean landing areas and brush off small debris from railings, siding, or steps. If you have a larger area to clean, the Smooth Sweep Push Broom can make quick work of larger areas made. Both are designed and Family Made in the USA and are proven to clean up poured concrete, brick, stone, or other outdoor surfaces thanks to their environmentally friendly bristles made from recycled materials.

Clean Your Bathroom

The bathrooms in your home have likely seen more use than ever since March. Because of that, you may want to give your bathroom some extra TLC. The Libman Toilet Bowl Brush & Holder powers through debris and other stuck-on messes such as mold in your toilet bowl. Libman Liquid Toilet Bowl Cleaner can lend an assist, simply apply it to the bowl and let it sit for 5-minutes before scrubbing clean. Don’t forget about the outside of the bowl and tank while you’re cleaning. This is another time when having Wonderfiber Cloths at the ready is a good thing, as you can use them in conjunction with our Tub & Tile Cleaner to get rid of the grime and gunk that likes to collect around your bathtub and behind the toilet too.