Eliminate Germs, Don’t Spread Them!

May 26, 2020

If you’re anything like us, we’re not only spending more time at home, but we’re spending more time cleaning our homes. With this increased frequency of cleaning you may need to take some extra time to make sure what you’re cleaning with is, itself, clean. In this month’s blog, we show you how to cut down on germs and increase the life of your cleaning supplies. We also share some of our favorite summer grilling tips. Let’s go!

Made to Clean (& Be Cleaned)

Many Libman mops and cleanings tools have been designed to be environmentally friendly, keeping waste out of landfills, and providing a greater value to you. We’ve designed the Libman Wonder Mop, Tornado Mop, microfiber dusters, and more so you can remove the heads and clean them in your washing machine. This saves you money while protecting the environment.




Patio Preparations

Each spring, as the weather gets warmer we look forward to spending time outside on the deck or patio. Whether listing to birds chirping, eating outdoors, or simply getting some fresh air, this can be a great escape. Clear grass clippings, dirt, leaves, and other debris from your outdoor areas with the family made in the USA Libman Smooth Sweep Push Broom. This lightweight yet strong cleaning tool features 7-rows of bristles to power through your deck debris. Those bristles are made from recycled PET water bottles, keeping trash out of landfills!



Libman Spin Mop & Bucket

The Libman Spin Mop & Bucket 360 degree spinning mop and bucket with a stainless steel wringer helps fling dirt and debris from the head. The locking lever makes it easy to adjust the handle length to suit your needs in a snap. You can then unlock the handle and push down once for a damp mop or more times for a drier mop. The microfiber head is machine washable, so you can make sure your mop head is cleaned after each use.



Make Your Burgers Better

When the weather gets warmer, there’s nothing better than grilling outside. Make sure you’re always cooking on clean grates with the Libman Brass Grill Brush. These staple set, secure fibers remove char and grit, providing you with only the best flavor possible. You can also take your burger recipe to the next level by adding your favorite BBQ sauce directly in your meat as you prep your patties. This way, you’ll have that savory flavor throughout your burger.

Chef’s Tip – Since sugars can burn when grilling, reduce your temperatures slightly. Low and slow will provide the best results.


Corn on the… Grill?

We love grilled vegetables, there’s just something about the freshness and flavor. While many may choose to boil their corn, grilling can impart a smoky flavor that has to be tried. Make sure you soak your corn on the cob for at least 30- to 45-minutes before placing it on the grill, husk, silk, and all. This will reduce the chances that the husk and silk will catch fire on your open flame. Turn the corn cobs frequently, and after 25-minutes or so, they should be done. Use a potholder to hold the cob as you shuck it, and use the Libman Culinary Brush to help remove any stuck-on silk and hairs.