Product #15

Excellent for quick clean ups. Ergonomic handle for comfort and control. Hanger hole for convenient storage. Strong polymer bristles to get the job done.

Cleaning Tips

Name: Susan D.
Title: Get that shower head unclogged.
Cleaning Tip: When your shower head gets clogged, remove head, take out the rubber washer, and soak the head in 1 cup vinegar and 1 cup water for about an hour. Scrub with your Libman Small Scrub Brush (#15) to remove all debris. Replace washer, install shower head and you will have a nice spray!
Name: Amy N.
Title: Cleaning my dog's coat.
Cleaning Tip: My labrador loves it when I use my Libman Small Scrub Brush after applying the soap. Not only does it feel great on her tough coat it also gets down deep. She comes out with a very healthy and shiny looking coat. Not to mention that the excess hair is so easy to rinse away from the brush.
Name: Alex L.
Title: Bring up the ground in dirt.
Cleaning Tip: Use the Libman small scrubber and brush over your fabric furniture before you vacuum to bring the ground in dirt to the top.