Get a Clean Sweep Into Summer Clean

July 02, 2021

With warm weather comes more time outside. We love hanging out on the patio, by the pool, or just tinkering in the garage. While spring storms and other environmental conditions can cause messes outside your home, there are many ways you can clean up these messes and clean up your home’s appearance.


Pool Side Cleanup

There are so many uses for Libman brushes, in or outside your home. One use we find most convenient is cleaning up around the pool or patio. The non-slip handles of Libman brushes help when our hands get wet and the bristles remove stuck-on gunk.





Detailed Clean Up

When you need to clean intricate areas, a Libman Sponge can be a useful tool in cleaning up outside your home. Libman Power Scrub Dots Kitchen & Bath Sponges feature a set of deep grooves on one side to power through hard to remove algae build-up, bird droppings, or tree sap.




Wipe Up Wet Footprints

Kids and swimming pools just go together during summer. Often they leave a trail of water from the pool into the house to get snacks, toys, towels and other stuff. Use the Libman Spin Mop & Bucket and its microfiber mop head to quickly absorb and dry wet footprints or water droplets left on your indoor floors.



Clean Your Patio

Whether you’re sweeping up the front porch, patio, or garage,use the right tool for the job with the Large Scoop Dust Pan. Use with the Indoor/Outdoor Angle Broom around your patio and poolside areas to keep them neat and clean.





Enter For a Chance to Win!

May and June are full of graduations, and it’s time you graduate to the next level of cleaning with the Libman “Graduate To Clean” Sweepstakes! You can enter for a chance to win Libman Brooms, Mops, Sponges, and more.