All-Purpose Cleaner (6 Pack)

Product #2071006

Clean virtually any surface with the grease-cutting power of the Libman All-Purpose Cleaner! Featuring a refreshing citrus scent, this powerful cleaner/degreaser is ideal for cleaning in the kitchen, bathrooms, even outdoors! The spray nozzle features 2 positions, one for a wide spray applications and a second for a pin-point spray accuracy. Simply spray 6-8 inches away from the surface, directly onto the mess, and wipe clean with a Libman cleaning cloth or sponge for the best cleaning results.  

 Key Features

  • Family Made in the USA
  • Convenient 6-bottle bulk purchase
  • 32 OZ per bottle
  • Cuts through grease, grime, scum and more
  • 2 position nozzle for spray or stream
  • Fresh, clean citrus odor

Stock up and save with this convenient bulk package. 6 bottles of Libman All-Purpose Cleaner are included, making it easier for you to place bottles in multiple rooms and clean in a pinch. The cost of shipping has been included in the pricing.


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