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Product #121

A higher end alternative to our #91 Cotton Deck Mop. Looped ends and a tail band provide streak-free cleaning and greater durability. Machine washable in mesh bag.

Cleaning Tips

Name: EXPERT TIP #88
Title: Bring it to the car wash.
Cleaning Tip: Bring along a Libman mop to the car wash. Use it to wipe down the bumpers and tires of your car after the wash cycle, then just rinse away the bugs and dirt!
Name: Patti G.
Title: Skip the pressure washer.
Cleaning Tip: I pressure wash the inside of the porch on my single-story home every year. This year, I dreaded the trouble of dragging out the pressure washer, hooking it up and dragging it around. Instead, I used a garden hose and my Libman mop, using regular vinyl floor cleaner. Easily cleaned the porch railings, house walls on the inside of the porch, and even the vinyl ceiling, beautifully. Was able to reach all necessary areas with minimal effort.
Name: Irene J.
Title: Cleaning an 18 wheeler.
Cleaning Tip: I use my mop for washing my husbands 18 wheeler. It makes it easier to reach high up and its easier on the paint finish.


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